How's the Market

How the market is really depends on if you are interested in buying, selling, investing or leasing.  

Are you interested in the overall market and how it has impacted your home value?  Don can prepare a free market evaluation for you or send you an occasional market update for your area at your request.  No obligation on your part. 

Are you wondering if it is a good time to buy or sell or pursue an investment idea? Don can help guide you toward the right decisions for you and create a plan to assist you if you choose to proceed.

Are you, a family member or friend experiencing a life event such as wanting to buy a first home, a growing family, wanting to downsize, change home type, relocate, getting married or divorced, having financial difficulties, health problems, or elderly parents who need to move out of their existing home?  No matter what your situation, Don can help you walk through it.  His 40 year's experience has allowed him to help many people just like you.   No obligation and confidentiality is assured.

Don prides himself on a no pressure environment and is happy to meet with you anytime either formally or informally to update you so that you can make informed decisions whether that be to stay put where you are, to take action to move forward with your plans or just to stay current on the market conditions.  Call Don to meet at his office, your home or go for coffee or lunch.  Your phone call, text, email or Facebook connect is always welcome.
Don Sackett
Don Sackett
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